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Status Username Email Website City, State, Country Membership Level Date Registered Posts
Offline Dorian Virginia Hess Email Hagerstown , MD, USA IMHS Student 2014-09-14 0
Offline Dr Delicia Barnes Email Birmingham, United Kingdom Professional 2019-05-24 0
Offline Dr K Venkatesan Chennai, INDIA Professional 2014-08-09 0
Offline Dr. Blaine Garfolo Email Carmichael, CA USA Professional 2013-04-18 0
Offline Dr. Charles Broadway,D.Sc Email Greenville,Alabama United States IMHS Student 2012-05-12 0
Offline Dr. Crystal Garrett Email Holistic Wellness Beauty Dallas, TX USA Professional 2023-03-27 0
Offline Dr. Douglas Kelley Email Metaphysical Church of Humanistic Science Punta Gorda, FL, USA Administrator 2010-11-26 33
Offline Dr. Harjit Sidhu Email Quantum Achievers International Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Professional 2015-05-30 0
Offline Dr. Michael Barton Email Yonkers, New York, USA IMHS Student 2022-07-06 0
Offline Dr. Michael Williams Email Balance of Mind Spiritual Counseling Roseville, California USA Professional 2021-02-23 0
Offline Dr. Shevchenko Taras Email Kyiv-19 PO box-4 IMHS Student 2011-02-09 10
Offline Duwane Ledbetter Email Russellville Paranormal Investigation Russellville, Arkansas, United States Researcher 2013-12-23 0
Offline Elizabeth Taylor-Wey Email Beenleigh Queensland Australia IMHS Student 2017-08-12 0
Offline Elizabeth Wey Email Essence Of Healing Beenleigh Queensland Australia Professional 2019-01-24 0
Offline Elke Browne Email Professional 2020-08-23 0
Offline Ella Croney Email Professional 2014-02-13 0
Offline Emma Bischoff Email Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa IMHS Student 2012-11-13 2
Offline Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba Email New Member 2022-02-07 0
Offline Eric Extreme Email Mount Washington Valley SPIRIT North Conway, New Hampshire, United States of America IMHS Student 2011-11-14 0
Offline Eric Nutting Email Lakeland, Fl. USA Professional 2019-05-04 0
Offline Erica Levi Email Santa Monica,CA USA IMHS Student 2017-04-28 0
Offline Esther Lopez Email Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States IMHS Student 2012-03-14 0
Offline Fatima Abdul Johnson Strive Motivation, Inc Philadelphia, PA USA New Member 2021-02-22 0
Offline Faye Mason Email Newhall IA United States Professional 2015-03-23 0
Offline Forrest Letson Email Forrest Letson Kyle, TX 78650 Professional 2011-05-25 0
Offline Francesca Michelini Email Professional 2020-08-06 0
Offline Frank Trupiano Email Center for Akashic Studies & Holistic Healing Gretna, Louisiana, United States Professional 2016-08-23 0
Offline Fred Freitag Email Victoria, BC, Canada IMHS Student 2016-05-12 0
Offline Fred Kimble Email Glen Burnie, MD, USA IMHS Student 2014-01-11 0
Offline Gaer Ferrinson Gaer Ferrinson - Psychic Medium & Reiki Practitioner Lewisville, TX, USA New Member 2016-12-07 0
Offline Gary Danko Email Quantum Life Repair - Dr Gary Danko Harrisburg Professional 2017-05-08 0
Offline Gaurav Tiwari Email Indian Paranormal Society New Delhi, India IMHS Student 2012-01-16 0
Offline Gayla Pinkney Email Bridgeport, WV, USA Professional 2020-06-11 0
Offline Gaynor du Preez Email Sunshine Academy of Metaphysics Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa Professional 2011-07-29 4
Offline Georgette Van Vliet Email GeorgetteVanVliet Glen Rock Professional 2019-09-20 0
Offline Gilberto Abad Email Atlanta IMHS Student 2017-04-03 0
Offline Ginny Gallagher Email Soul Mixology Alabama, US IMHS Student 2017-01-19 0
Offline Gordon Jablonski Email Lakewood, Washington, United States IMHS Student 2013-01-02 0
Offline Greg Baresel Email GB Coaching Gilberts, IL United States Professional 2019-01-28 0
Offline Gregory Grove Email Poetic Genius Society North Bend, OR USA Professional 2020-01-15 0
Offline Heather D Harwell Email Lincolnshire, IL, USA IMHS Student 2023-06-09 0
Offline Heather Dancer Email The Greenman Grove Unionville, Virginia, United States IMHS Student 2012-04-16 0
Offline Heather Kneale Email Global Nutritional Healing Cottonwood, California, United States Professional 2018-10-13 0
Offline Heidi Ann Duong Email Cosmic Energy Counseling LLC Kent, WA Professional 2021-11-22 0
Offline Heidi LeAnn Hoke Email Vitae Pondera Institute of Integrative Health MINEOLA Professional 2017-11-24 0
Offline HIFZUL RAHMAN KOTTANGODAN Email Ibn Taymiyyah Holistic Healing and Life Coaching Malappuram, Kerala State, India Professional 2022-01-18 0
Offline Hope Wright Email Temple, Georgia, USA IMHS Student 2012-08-23 0
Offline Howard Lipp Email Bend, Oregon, United States Professional 2023-03-23 0
Offline Husain Minawala Email Mumbai Professional 2023-08-30 0
Offline Iain Buchanan Email Irthlingborough, Northamptonshire, UK IMHS Student 2013-11-04 0
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