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Status Username Email Website City, State, Country Membership Level Date Registered Posts
Offline Melissa Stock Email Havana, FL USA Professional 2016-11-30 0
Offline Michael A. Ortega Email Portales, NM, USA IMHS Student 2014-01-02 0
Offline Michael Dubanewicz, Jr. Email Miramar, Florida, USA IMHS Student 2011-04-06 0
Offline Michael Edwards Email IMHS Student 2012-09-25 0
Offline Michael Garcia Email Wichita, Kansas United States IMHS Student 2017-08-03 0
Offline Michael Imundo Email Professional 2022-08-02 0
Offline Michael Lancaster Email Anaheim, California, United States Professional 2013-03-01 0
Offline Michael Misenheimer Email Atlanta, GA USA IMHS Student 2013-12-20 0
Offline Michael ONeil Email gt. barrington,MA,USA IMHS Student 2015-12-16 0
Offline Michael Trinkman Email Hurst, Texas, USA IMHS Student 2017-05-24 1
Offline Michele Amburgey Email Conscious Living Academy Laguna Niguel, Ca. USA Professional 2022-11-15 0
Offline Michele Bell Ph.D. Email Dr. Michele Bell, Ph.D New York, USA Professional 2018-01-09 0
Offline Michele Elle Hutchins Email La Grande, Oregon, United States Professional 2018-11-15 0
Offline Mindy Ganz Email Enlighten The Journey Long Island, New York Professional 2014-01-16 0
Offline Nafertisit Fox Email Nightbird Studios Holistic Wellness Arlington, Texas, United States Professional 2021-08-12 0
Offline Natalia Rojas Solórzano Email Astrophysics Certified Teacher Irvine, California, United States Professional 2021-02-03 0
Offline Nathalie Wigmore Email Montreal, Quebec, Canada IMHS Student 2013-04-17 0
Offline Nathan Rosenblum Email New Windsor, New York, United States Professional 2012-05-21 0
Offline Ndifreke Jacob Ukpe Email Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria Professional 2016-09-13 0
Offline Nicole Fant Murrells Inlet IMHS Student 2015-03-27 0
Offline Nicole Sinisgalli Email Eternal Earth Sanctuary Little Ferry, NJ, USA Professional 2021-04-30 0
Offline Nikhil Bhat Email India Haunted Pune, Maharashtra, India IMHS Student 2011-09-12 0
Offline Nikki Staley Email Staley Health Torquay, Victoria, Australia IMHS Student 2014-05-07 0
Offline Nikole Harper Email Dallas, TX, USA Professional 2017-05-24 0
Offline Norma A Victor Email Roncar Speaks Sussex, New Jersey , United States Professional 2015-10-19 0
Offline Norman W Wilson, PhD Email Shamanism Camano Island, WA, USA Professional 2015-12-03 0
Offline Oliver Williams Email Calumet City, Illinois USA Professional 2017-04-29 0
Offline Ophelia Tarnoveanu Email Sacred Encounter Spiritual Center United States Professional 2020-01-28 0
Offline Pamela Decur Email IMHS Student 2011-02-26 0
Offline Patrick Komeshak Email Shiloh, IL, USA IMHS Student 2011-07-11 0
Offline Patrick M Juett Email Anchorage, AK 99508 IMHS Student 2014-05-19 0
Offline Paul Meckes Email Clermont Paranormal Minneola, Florida United States IMHS Student 2013-11-15 0
Offline Perla Gabriela Martin Email Lawton, OK USA Professional 2020-02-03 0
Offline Phillip Manyok Email Research Fear Buster Guy Springfield Professional 2013-10-01 0
Offline Phillip Woodard Email Spirit Mind Body Haven4Healing San Antonio, TX, U.S. Professional 2017-07-31 0
Offline Prince Itoya Email Port Douglas New Member 2020-11-29 0
Offline Prudence Ratcliffe Email Kyabram, Victoria, Australia IMHS Student 2014-03-18 0
Offline Rachel Gerson Email Grand Rapids, MI, USA IMHS Student 2016-01-28 0
Offline Ralph Brooks Chrysalis Tarot Salina, Kansas, USA Professional 2013-03-02 0
Offline Raul Valverde Email Institute of Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada Professional 2019-12-05 0
Offline Raven Lian Email IMHS Soquel, ca Professional 2020-01-11 0
Offline Rea Kironn Email Waken Your Spirit - Trauma and Spirit Recovery Counseling Bellingham, WA, USA Professional 2017-02-08 0
Offline Rebecca Lavnick Email Vienna, Austria IMHS Student 2012-07-15 0
Offline Rick Kenner Email Monroe, NC, United States Professional 2020-04-23 0
Offline Robert Avery Email Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom IMHS Student 2013-05-08 0
Offline Robert Lubbe Email Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa Professional 2013-04-11 0
Offline Robert M Boshoff, Mpsy.D, Mhyp.D Email Petoria, Gauteng, South Africa Professional 2021-07-08 0
Offline Roberta J Branner Email Cleveland, Ohio, United States Professional 2018-06-09 0
Offline Robyn Peterson Email Nashville, Tn. U.S.A. IMHS Student 2011-11-03 0
Offline Rory Ty Williams Email Mochdre, Colwyn bay, Conwy Professional 2012-07-08 0
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