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Status Username Email Website City, State, Country Membership Level Date Registered Posts
Offline Pamela Decur Email IMHS Student 2011-02-26 0
Offline Luis Pizarro Email Professional 2011-07-17 10
Offline Michael Edwards Email IMHS Student 2012-09-25 0
Offline Ella Croney Email Professional 2014-02-13 0
Offline Rula Bazzi Email Professional 2014-06-27 0
Offline Candace Nadine Breen Email Professional 2019-02-11 0
Offline Francesca Michelini Email Professional 2020-08-05 0
Offline Elke Browne Email Professional 2020-08-22 0
Offline Carly-Amanda Reimold Email Professional 2020-10-29 0
Offline Kristen Hernandez Email Professional 2021-01-28 0
Offline Marybeth K. Palumbo Email Gemini Life Coaches Professional 2021-07-20 0
Offline Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba Email New Member 2022-02-07 0
Offline Tandrya Nance Email Professional 2022-04-12 0
Offline Sableen Kaur Email Professional 2022-07-18 0
Offline Michael Imundo Email Professional 2022-08-02 0
Offline Crystal Duran Email Professional 2022-08-10 0
Offline Joanna Le-Rose 1a The Courtyard, Cliff Lane Professional 2022-01-08 0
Offline Mandy Lewis Email Akron, Ohio, United States IMHS Student 2014-07-09 0
Offline Ginny Gallagher Email Soul Mixology Alabama, US IMHS Student 2017-01-19 0
Offline Debora Bennett Email Albany, Ga. United States IMHS Student 2011-01-21 0
Offline Shannon McLeran Email American Canyon, CA 94503 IMHS Student 2016-08-07 0
Offline Michael Lancaster Email Anaheim, California, United States Professional 2013-02-28 0
Offline Patrick M Juett Email Anchorage, AK 99508 IMHS Student 2014-05-18 0
Offline Tabitha Davis Tabitha N Davis APO, AP USA Professional 2017-04-25 0
Offline Nafertisit Fox Email Nightbird Studios Holistic Wellness Arlington, Texas, United States Professional 2021-08-12 0
Offline Allyne Hylace Email Ashland, OR, USA IMHS Student 2012-06-11 0
Offline Dan West Email Athens, OH, USA IMHS Student 2013-06-10 0
Offline Gilberto Abad Email Atlanta IMHS Student 2017-04-03 0
Offline Michael Misenheimer Email Atlanta, GA USA IMHS Student 2013-12-20 0
Offline Judith Ames-Hardman Email Aubrey, Texas, USA Professional 2011-11-17 0
Offline Joe Neves Email Dr Joe Neves - Counselling Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom New Member 2014-05-15 0
Offline Shawntrice McCoy Email Baltimore Professional 2011-04-10 0
Offline David A. Blender Email Hypnotic Therapeutics - Better Living Through Hypnosis Barrington, Illinois, USA Professional 2011-10-28 0
Offline Tina Cann Email Baton Rouge, LA, USA IMHS Student 2015-04-05 0
Offline Melanie Lee Email Battery Hill, Queensland, Australia IMHS Student 2011-10-25 0
Offline Catharine Robinette Email Battle Creek MI USA Professional 2021-08-15 0
Offline Angela Holladay Email Battle Ground, WA, United States Professional 2016-09-17 0
Offline Elizabeth Taylor-Wey Email Beenleigh Queensland Australia IMHS Student 2017-08-11 0
Offline Elizabeth Wey Email Essence Of Healing Beenleigh Queensland Australia Professional 2019-01-23 0
Offline William Spicer BELLEFONTE, PA. United States Professional 2019-03-19 0
Offline Tracy Wagner Email Versatile Inspirations Bellingham, WA, USA Professional 2012-07-10 0
Offline Rea Kironn Email Waken Your Spirit - Trauma and Spirit Recovery Counseling Bellingham, WA, USA Professional 2017-02-08 0
Offline Christopher J Peterson Email Bellingham, WA, USA Professional 2019-11-21 0
Offline Howard Lipp Email Bend, Oregon, United States Professional 2023-03-23 0
Offline Timothy Sharp Email Benton, KY, USA IMHS Student 2013-08-30 0
Offline James Stedman Email Berkeley Heights, NJ, USA Professional 2014-02-01 0
Offline Darryl Baker Email Berkeley Springs,Wv USA IMHS Student 2010-12-09 0
Offline Melinda Duncan Foreman Email Bettendorf, Iowa USA IMHS Student 2014-02-12 0
Offline Dr Delicia Barnes Email Birmingham, United Kingdom Professional 2019-05-24 0
Offline Matthew Tones Email Blackburn North, Victoria, Australia IMHS Student 2013-07-30 0
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