• Membership Benefits
  • Who May Join?
  • Membership Requirements
  • Membership Levels and Dues
  • How to Become a Member

Membership Benefits

Individuals who qualify for membership in the International Metaphysical Practitioners Association enjoy the prestige and added credibility of belonging to a highly professional and premier association of metaphysical practitioners. IMPA is strict in its requirements, and not everyone qualifies. But those who do can take pride in belonging to an organization that advocates the highest standards of professionalism in the broad metaphysical arts field.

Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • ENHANCED CREDIBILITY. Gaining a client’s trust is paramount if you are going to have a successful practice. IMPA is an organization that governs its own, and as such, members are held accountable to IMPA’s Code of Ethics. And this is a huge benefit to you because it will increase and enhance the credibility you enjoy with your clients. How so? Members are required to inform clients of their association with IMPA and the provision to file complaints. This is accomplished in the form of a written statement on a client information sheet or brochure. If clients are told that you belong to a professional association that holds you accountable, they will automatically see you as even more credible and trustworthy.

  • COMPREHENSIVE CODE OF ETHICS. Members can use the IMPA Code of Ethics as their own or as a template for developing their own individualized code of ethics. This saves valuable time and provides a comprehensive ethics base for professional practitioners and researchers.

  • PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY LISTING. As an IMPA member, your Profile will be listed in the Member Directory. Your profile can be customized with images, multimedia, your bio, and other information that will not only verify your membership, but will also help potential clients in your area find you. Membership Certificate and Ethics Course Certificate of Completion. Click to enlarge.

  • MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE AND ETHICS CERTIFICATION. As an IMPA member, you will take an ethics certification course (cost is included in your membership dues). This course will enhance your knowledge of ethical issues and standards related to various metaphysical disciplines. Once complete, you will receive a Certificate of Completion (PDF) suitable for framing that also serves as your Membership Certificate showing that you are a member in good standing. This course is worth .5 CEUs.


Who May Join IMPA?

Individuals who are involved in the broad field of metaphysics may join IMPA. Eligible fields include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Metaphysical ministers

  • Metaphysical  store operators

  • Hypnotists/Hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners

  • Life coaches

  • Relationship counselors

  • Abuse counselors

  • Spiritual and/or pastoral counselors

  • Metaphysical authors, speakers, workshop leaders, and teachers

  • Psychics / Spirit Mediums

  • Tarot card readers

  • Intuitive practitioners

  • Holistic energy healers and Reiki practitioners

  • Aromatherapists

  • Massage therapists

  • Past life regression practitioners

  • Trauma release practitioner

  • Spiritual advisors

  • Feng Shui practitioners

  • Consciousness and existence researchers

  • Near-Death researchers

  • Parapsychologists and Psi researchers

  • And others

What if my area of specialization is not listed?

If your area of specialization is not listed above and you feel it is similar to other listed fields, please contact us. Describe your field and give us a detailed description of your training.

Paranormal and Anomalous Researchers

While metaphysical researchers are eligible for membership, IMPA is an association primarily aimed at metaphysical practitioners, that is, those who have a practice or ministry and deal with clients in a remedial way, or whose research heavily involves human potential. Individuals whose primary focus is on paranormal investigations and ufology without the metaphysical component of consciousness would be better served by joining ParaNexus Anomalous Research Association


Membership Requirements

IMPA is a select association for professional practitioners of the metaphysical arts. Members must meet high professional and character standards to qualify.

General Requirements and Policies (Applies to all members)

Members must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.

  • Be professional, grounded, reasonable, and sensible in their approach to metaphysical service.

  • Possess a professional metaphysics PhD (or equivalent) degree, or a certification in a related metaphysics discipline such as Reiki, life coaching, hypnosis, homeopathy, aromatherapy, etc. (see the table above). Those actively studying for their metaphysics doctoral degree or related certification may join at the Student Level.

  • Pass a routine criminal and sex offender background check.

  • Take the IMPA Integrity Oath to Do No Harm as well as observe and uphold the IMPA Code of Ethics.

  • Pass an ethics course before becoming full members (included in membership dues).

Automatic Disqualifications

  • Individuals who have been convicted of a crime or DUI within the past 5 years are ineligible for membership.

  • Individuals who have ever been convicted of a sex or hate crime, or who are registered sex offenders are ineligible for membership.

Ineligible Certifications and Credentials

Earned credentials must be the result of significant study and effort. Basic metaphysics course certificates/certifications and metaphysics doctoral degrees that are largely based on life experience do not qualify.

“At Will” Membership Policy

IMPA membership is “At Will” and may be cancelled by either party with or without cause, with or without notice. Nothing contained within the IMPA Code of Ethics, on the IMPA website, or in any other documentation constitutes or should be implied to constitute any type of membership contract.

Membership Levels and Dues

IMPA offers three membership levels: Professional, Student, and IMHS Student. IMPA also offers accreditation for metaphysically-oriented educational organizations.

Professional Member Lifetime Membership: $75

This membership level is for professional and credentialed metaphysical practitioners. Additional requirements apply:

  • Applicants must have a website with a professional appearance and content that does not violate the IMPA Code of Ethics.

  • Applicants must have a published Mission statement and Code of Ethics freely available online. Applicants may choose to use the IMPA Code of Ethics to satisfy the code of ethics requirement upon applying for membership.

Student Member 3-Year Membership: $25   

This membership level is available to students actively enrolled in a metaphysics-related school other than IMHS. Additional requirements apply:

  • Applicants must be actively enrolled in a formal metaphysics-related degree or certification program from a metaphysics school or institution. This includes holistic healing, life-coaching, and hypnosis schools, among others. Contact us if you are unsure whether your program qualifies.

  • To retain membership, students must upgrade to the Professional Member level upon graduation from their school. Contact IMPA Admin for instructions.

IMHS Student Member Lifetime Membership for Doctoral Graduates; 3 Years for Non-grads: Included in IMHS tuition.

This membership level is available to students of the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science (IMHS) only. NOTE: IMHS Degree Program students do not have to take the ethics course as it is part of the degree curriculum.


  • Applicants must be actively enrolled in the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science Doctoral Degree Program or an approved IMHS certification course.

  • IMHS Students must complete the IMHS Degree Program within three years of enrollment to maintain their IMPA membership. After graduation, the membership will be upgraded to the Professional Level.


How to Become a Member

Those who wish to join IMPA simply need to complete the following steps in order to become a full member:

  1. Make sure you are eligible for membership by reading the full IMPA Code of Ethics,

  2. Complete the registration form on the IMPA website by clicking on the “Apply for Membership” link on the top navigation bar,

  3. Pay membership dues,

  4. IMPA Admin will review the application as well as the applicant’s website in the light of the IMPA Code of Ethics, then approve or decline membership. If the membership is approved, then

  5. Successfully complete the IMPA Member Course on Ethics (instructions will be provided).